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Check YES for the Frederick W. Fischer "Helping Hands" Scholarship

Don't Let Financial Misconceptions Hold You Back!

Dear Parents, CHS Seniors, and CHS Alumni,

As the 2024 scholarship season unfolds, we at the Cuero ISD Education Foundation are excited to tell you about an opportunity that could make a significant difference in financing your higher education: the Frederick W. Fischer "Helping Hands" Scholarship. We urge all students completing the Cuero ISD Education Foundation General Scholarship Application to check YES to be considered for the Fischer scholarship, regardless of preconceived notions about financial eligibility.

When completing the CISDEF General Scholarship Application as a student who is pursuing a degree from a college or university, you will see the screen above. This is where you will check “Yes” to be considered to receive the Fischer “Helping Hands” Scholarship.

We understand that there may be misconceptions surrounding the eligibility criteria for need-based aid, particularly regarding family income. However, we want to emphasize that financial need is not solely determined by income alone. It is a nuanced calculation that considers various factors, including changes in income, family size, academic year, and other concurrent educational expenses. Just like the Federal Student Aid Application, the assessment of financial need for the Fischer scholarship takes into account these multifaceted elements to determine your expected family contribution.

To ensure that every eligible applicant has the opportunity to be considered for the Frederick W. Fischer "Helping Hands" Scholarship, we require submission of one of the following as proof of income: your parent or guardian's current 1040 (page 1), a copy of your current Student Aid Report (SAR), OR a copy of your completed Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). This information is crucial in assessing financial need accurately and fairly.

When you select “Yes” on the Frederick W. Fischer “Helping Hands” Scholarship page of the application and click “Next,” you will be redirected to the page above. This is where you will see the additional requirements for eligibility and where you will submit your proof of income. 

It's important to note that all eligible students who apply for the Fischer scholarship and provide the required documentation will be considered and scored for the award.* Our aim is to distribute all available Fischer scholarships each year, underscoring our commitment to supporting Cuero students in their pursuit of higher education.

Furthermore, we want to reassure you that any information provided for the scholarship application, including verification of your parent or guardian's income, will be handled with utmost confidentiality. All personal and/or identifying information is redacted before documents are reviewed by the scholarship committee. Your privacy is of paramount importance to us, which is why access to even the redacted documentation is strictly limited to the scholarship committee.

The Frederick W. Fischer "Helping Hands" Scholarship embodies Mr. Fischer's legacy of generosity and his dedication to helping Cuero students achieve their academic aspirations without the burden of overwhelming student loans. This scholarship places emphasis not only on financial need but also on academic excellence, community involvement, and good character—qualities that Mr. Fischer cherished and valued deeply.

Don't let misconceptions about financial eligibility deter you from applying for this invaluable opportunity. Take the first step towards securing your future by checking YES for the Frederick W. Fischer "Helping Hands" Scholarship when completing your application.

For more information and to access the scholarship application, please visit our website.

Don't forget! Scholarship applications and all required documents are due by end of day March 1, 2024.

Warm regards,

Sean P. Douglas

Executive Director

Cuero ISD Education Foundation

* Students applying for the Cuero ISD Education Foundation VoTech Scholarship (i.e., students looking to attend a trade school or vocational program) are not eligible to apply for the Frederick W. Fischer “Helping Hands” Scholarship and will not see the option to check YES for this scholarship.

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