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Cuero ISD Education Foundation Grants Awarded During the 2022-2023 School Year

Both the Enduring Legacy and Concert for Classrooms fundraising campaigns generate funds that go directly to benefit individual schools or the district as a whole in the form of teacher appreciation, special projects, and grants like these.

Cuero Jr. High Students were rewarded with a trip to the park and ice cream from The Green Cow Creamery


Campus: Jr. High

Amount: $3,000

The grant for G.O.A.T. focuses on attendance, grades, disciplines, not being tardy and accountability. This grant allows the Principal and designated staff to treat students to a variation of awards based on good behavior, excellent grades and good attendance.


Gardens at Hunt Elementary

Campus: Hunt Elementary

Amount: $9,187.80

It is the goal of the school community to establish four 8' x 8' raised-bed vegetable gardens that will be planted, maintained and harvested by the Junior Master Gardener Club (composed of 2nd - 5th graders). The raised beds will be accessible to all Hunt students and staff to observe, measure and enjoy. Beginning in June 2023, materials will be ordered and construction started for four 8-foot deer-proof cedar garden beds. Soil preparation will begin at the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year so that students will be able to begin planting Fall vegetables.


"Cruisin' With My Foodies"

Campus: High School

Amount: $4,500

The grant will fund various opportunities from The Culinary Institute of America. The Institute offers several custom packages, ranging from a four hour hands-on class, to cooking competitions. Each program consists of learning and observing professional chefs in action, in addition to working in a state-of-the-art teaching kitchen. In addition to the program experiences, the Institute also provides a campus tour to spark interest in culinary professions. This grant will benefit Cuero HS students by showing them, and letting them participate in, what a culinary profession after high school could look like.


Fact Fluency Celebration

Campus: Hunt Elementary

Amount: $1,400

Fact Fluency Celebration will increase school-wide fact fluency awareness and students' motivation and enthusiasm to learn their math facts. Croc charm bracelets and Croc charms will be given to students who pass their math fact fluency assessment. Once students have mastered the 0's and 1's, they will receive a Croc charm bracelet. Students will receive one Croc charm, to decorate their bracelet, for each math fact mastered for 2-9. This initiative, made possible by a grant from the CISDEF, encourages students to be excited about math.

Learn more about the projects and programs made possible by grants from the Cuero ISD Education Foundation at

Three ways you can help: donate to the Cuero ISD Education Foundation Enduring Legacy campaign, sponsor or attend the annual Concert for Classrooms. Learn about all the ways you can help at

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