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Cuero ISD Education Foundation Grants Funding for Take Flight Retraining to Support Dyslexic Students

Cuero, Texas – February 20, 2024 – The Cuero ISD Education Foundation is pleased to announce the funding of a significant grant aimed at enhancing support for dyslexic students within the Cuero Independent School District. The grant, totaling $1,817.58, will facilitate specialized training in the Take Flight program for Project Coordinator Stephanie Dickens at Cuero Junior High. This initiative will benefit all dyslexic students across the district, spanning grades K-12 and impacting over 150 students.

Stephanie Dickens, a certified Cognitive Academic Language Therapist (CALTS), will undergo comprehensive retraining in the Take Flight program, a proven intervention that addresses the five components of effective reading instruction: phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension. The Take Flight program employs a multisensory structured language approach tailored to the needs of dyslexic students.

The primary objective of this grant is to enhance the efficacy of dyslexia intervention within Cuero ISD by providing high-caliber, explicit training for CALTS like Stephanie Dickens. With this specialized training, Stephanie aims to reach a broader range of dyslexic students, improving decoding, reading fluency, and ultimately, reading comprehension.

Measurable Objectives:

  • Improved decoding and reading fluency for all dyslexic students.

  • Increased reading comprehension through the application of comprehension skills taught using the Take Flight program.


  • Ongoing assessment of student progress through fluency rate packets, including cold reads, retraining based on specific concepts, and hot reads.

  • Continual skill development as students repeatedly engage in fluency/decoding exercises throughout the program.

The Take Flight Retraining program will be integrated into every class/group taught by Stephanie Dickens, ensuring consistent and comprehensive support for dyslexic students across Cuero ISD.

Stephanie Dickens expresses gratitude to the Cuero ISD Education Foundation for their unwavering support in advancing dyslexia intervention within the district. "This grant will enable us to provide tailored, evidence-based instruction to dyslexic students, empowering them to overcome obstacles and achieve academic success," says Dickens.

The Cuero ISD Education Foundation remains committed to fostering innovative initiatives that promote inclusivity and academic excellence for all students within the district.

For more information about the Cuero ISD Education Foundation and its initiatives, please visit

The Cuero ISD Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax-exempt organization that shares a mission of enhancing opportunities for Cuero public schools by working to increase private and corporate support for educational activities, supporting activities not funded by tax dollars, fostering creative approaches to education through private grants and involvement, and awarding Foundation funds through a volunteer Board of Directors made up of business, community and educational leaders.

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