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Saturday, November 9th
at the Cuero Performing Arts Center



Our Mission

The Cuero ISD Education Foundation enhances the opportunities for the Cuero ISD staff by generating resources to provide grants for extraordinary learning experiences and student scholarships to invest in their future success.

CISD teachers create programs and clubs like the Red Rover, Red Rover, Let the Robots Come Over program made possible by a grant from the Cuero Education Foundation

Our History

The Cuero ISD Education Foundation, Inc. was founded in 2002 as a 501(c)(3) organization by members of the community of Cuero to generate and distribute financial resources to the Cuero Independent School District for resources, projects, and programs outside the scope of traditional school funding. 

Since 2002, the Cuero ISD Education Foundation has awarded
CISD administrators, faculty, staff, students, and graduates

CISDEF Grants Given


In Grants

CISDEF Scholarships Awarded


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CISDEF Special Projects Financed



In Special Projects

Fiscal Management

As an organization determined by the IRS to be governed as a 501©(3) organization, the board of directors provides fiscal oversight that honors the mission of the organization and the intent and trust of its donors. To maintain financial transparency, the board makes its annual independently audited Statement of Financial Position and IRS Form 990 available to the public.

CISD students benefit from the donations made to the Cuero Education Foundation through scholarships and grants

Meet Our Board

The Cuero ISD Education Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of incredibly talented individuals who were/are leaders in their respective fields, who have diverse and complementary strengths, and who are committed to providing exceptional educational opportunities for the students of Cuero ISD.


Chelsea Fuchs, CISDEF scholarship reciepient

“The Frederick W. Fischer “Helping Hands” Scholarship through the Cuero Education Foundation enabled me to extend my education beyond the degree plan into extracurricular organizations and professional opportunities. While at Texas State University, I was selected out of a field of 500 students to compete in the National Collegiate Sales Competition where I placed as a semi-finalist, finishing in the top 16 out of 144 national competitors. In addition, I was selected to intern for 3M, a world leader in research and innovation, where I gained valuable experience within sales and analytics. I have now graduated summa cum laude from Texas State University with a B.B.A. in marketing and concentration in professional sales, and my 3M internship has extended into full time employment as a sales operations analyst. The Frederick W. Fischer “Helping Hands” Scholarship has played a critical role in my strategy to graduate debt free, and for this I am forever appreciative of the generosity of Mr. Fischer, the Cuero Education Foundation, and the community of donors.” 

- Chelsea Fuchs

"I'm able to trace many of my own actions and decisions as possibilities granted by the help of the Education Foundation. Without the scholarships offered by the organization, continued education would have been financially difficult for me, creating further pressure on the already consuming task of graduating from a university. Now having graduated college, I've committed to a career in technology and a life of art and travel. As I reflect on the opportunities I've had from a place granted to me by the organization, I found it necessary to give back to provide others with those same opportunities."

- Sam Rojas

Sam Rojas, CISDEF scholarship reciepient
Blake Reeve, , CISDEF scholarship reciepient

"The opportunity to be a Cuero ISD Education Foundation Scholarship recipient was life-changing for both myself and my family. Through not only the scholarship but the relationships I encountered with the foundation, doors were opened that would not have been possible without their help. The impact that this scholarship had on my future was such a blessing for my life, and I know it was for all other recipients. With this scholarship comes a sense of responsibility and accountability that fueled me to be the best student-athlete that I could be at the next level, and I can't thank them enough. The Cuero community is so special in so many ways, and it is no different with the Cuero ISD Education Foundation. GO MEAN GREEN!"

- Blake Reeve

To read more scholarship recipient testimonials, please click or tap HERE.

You can help CISD students and teachers by donating to the Cuero ISD Education Foundation


To learn more about how you can help us provide educational enrichment, encourage teaching innovation, and reward excellence among the administrators, faculty, staff, students, and graduates of Cuero ISD, please click or tap below!

An Enduring Legacy

An Enduring Legacy

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Be a part of the
enduring legacy.

The Cuero ISD Education Foundation is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year and would like to invite you to join in the celebration via its Enduring Legacy Campaign.

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